Advanced Manufacturing

Disruptive Innovation from Design to Delivery

Our satellites and production lines are designed for mass manufacturing. Using our proven and tested production processes, we guarantee repeatability. We are a paperless factory, using digital twin technology, auto-transfer vehicles, geo-localization and smart tools with inspection cameras for end-to-end quality. Our robust testing ensures on orbit quality with unit level testing completed by each supplier. We perform functional testing at the module and satellite level with automated test setup and scripting.

Learn more about our capabilities at each of our sites:

Toulouse Facility

Created the unique satellite design and manufacturing technique

The Toulouse facility is located in the heart of the Toulouse aerospace innovation area with ~100 employees from engineering and supply chain. The original design and development of our first-generation satellites was created by our Toulouse engineers, validating every process from start to finish. The Toulouse team developed the incredible manufacturing technique, establishing the first serial mass production of a satellite. They are credited with building the first six satellites and continue to provide their engineering guidance and skills to the Florida team.

Florida Factory

Opened in July 2019 and achieves a production rate of up to two satellites a day

Our manufacturing facility in Exploration Park in Merritt Island, Florida, USA. The 142,000 sq-ft facility has one of the most advanced production lines in the industry. The assembly line is made of four modules built in parallel and integrated with simple assembly.

Engineering is embedded in each of our stations, allowing technicians to produce quality spacecraft.

Our proven FAL assures quality and on time delivery.

Time Control Oriented

Most of the processes are fully automated. The operators work on the station and are led and controlled by the supervision system.

Quality Oriented

Automated inspection controls are embedded in the manufacturing processes. We have successfully completed the first step of AS/EN/JISQ9100 and ISO 9001 certification, allowing us to be more competitive and efficient.

Lean Manufacturing Oriented

All of the equipment is connected to a unique supervision system and connected as well as to our Manufacturing Execution File (MEF). All operations are tracked, recorded and checked. We are a completely paperless factory.

Factory 4.0

We employ smart, advanced digital technologies including smart tools, geo-localization, Automatic Guided Vehicles, smart inspection cameras, Cobots, fully automatic test setups and automatic test operations, Big Data and deep learning on test results.