Global Supply Chain

Leveraging Our Supply Chain Ecosystem

To meet the demands of our satellite production, we have established an industrial supply chain consisting of approximately 40 global suppliers, each mass producing the parts of our satellites.

Our Global Supply Chain:

    • Covers four continents
    • Is present in 18 countries
    • Represents 75% of satellite value
    • Has delivered 24,000+ satellite equipment
    • Sustains rates of 8 flight-sets/week with on-time delivery ~95% and on-quality delivery > 99%
    • Conducts cybersecurity audits with certified program
    • Is composed of 500+ partners
    • 38 major Tier-1 hardware suppliers
    • 200 Tier-2 and Tier-3 hardware suppliers around the world
    • 300 suppliers working on Ground Support Equipment, FAL, Support & GP contracts
    • > 1000 people working on the OneWeb project through this Tier-1 and sub-tier global network

If you are interested in joining our supply chain team, please contact [email protected].

At our 2020 Global Partnership Summit, we invited our suppliers from around the world to discuss our future plans and objectives.

Building OneFamily: Our Global Supply Chain

Our business ecosystem relies on our 40+ major suppliers in 10 different time zones with 8 spoken languages. How do we keep our global supply chain team engaged and performing?

We work closely with each supplier, with transparency and honesty.

“We are absolutely OneFamily. And if [our suppliers] don’t deliver the hardware when we need it, then the factory stops. So we are reliant on our bigger family not just the group of people working here but also that supply chain.”

James Hinds
CEO, Airbus OneWeb Satellites