Our Commitment             to Our People

Creating Space for All

At Airbus OneWeb Satellites, our diversity is what makes us extraordinary. Our team’s individuality and unique backgrounds are what allows us to drive innovation, overcome challenges and produce our revolutionary satellites each day. Creating an inclusive space for all of our people is key to what we do every day. As OneTeam, diversity is not just a target for us; it is who we are.

We are actively improving our gender diversity index, however are disadvantaged by the imbalance of men and women in the STEM field. We continue to encourage STEM careers across unrepresented genders to improve this imbalance by actively promoting equity at all stages of the employee lifecycle (including hiring, training and development, promotions and pay).

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Three Goals:

1) Cultivate a workplace where all our people feel comfortable to bring their whole self to work allowing us to attract and retain the best talent.

2) Continue in making sure that diversity, inclusion & belonging is part of our AOS DNA through continued awareness and promotion.

3) Ensure we provide a work environment that is accessible and inclusive for all our people.

Gender Diversity Index:

Airbus OneWeb Satellites SAS (our Toulouse location) achieved a score of 81/100 as of March 1, 2023.

This score is based on four metrics:

  1. Average salary between men and women,
  2. Percentage of men and women who were promoted during the year,
  3. Salary increase during maternity leave
  4. Number of women in the 10 highest salaries

Airbus OneWeb Satellites is committed to focus on developing and empowering women in the company for continuously growth and career opportunities.

Wellbeing at Work

We put the wellbeing of our employees first. We have a team dedicated to supporting this effort with the common goal of ensuring and constantly improving the physical and mental wellbeing of our team.

We hold regular training, information sessions and events to promote the wellbeing of our team as well as implement strategic actions to increase the wellness of our team (such as hybrid remote working polices, right to disconnection charters, quiet spaces, health surveys, and focus groups).

We strive to ensure our team take the time to celebrate our successes and that work is not only about work.

“We are AIRBUS ONEWEB SATELLITES, and each one of us is what makes this company succeed. The key to our success is not just hard work, dedication and commitment to always do our best, but the camaraderie within us is what make us the best!”

– Daniela Sardo, Senior Manager of Accounting –

Rewarding Careers with Airbus OneWeb Satellites